How to Add Other Services to dw-free

Written on February 25, 2017

The problem of adding a new option for other services is a strange one that I wish to document in case anyone else runs into this problem in the future. My attempt to add Deviant Art and Medium prompts can be found in two issue tickets on GitHub.


Deviant Art:

The first problem actually arrives after you’re done mimicking the code above. Once you’ve added a service, you must test it. However, if you simply launch your Dreamhack and run apache, the service won’t be added. Instead you will get a very generic list or errors. The most common is something like this: Error: Invalid userprop medium passed to preload_props. How do you resolve this?

Easily enough, kareila asks us to run this command after adding our code (it can be found within the dw folder of your Dreamhack):

/bin/upgrading/ -r -p

This updates your database (as I imagine, didn’t look too far into it), which then permits you to add whatever service you added to your code.

Create a user. Then test out the new field. It should work.

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