Carrier 2

Written on February 14, 2017

I worked 2 hours on today, making changes to a better client. What I’ve created so far is a client that relies on no third-party dependencies, which is good – since all I need to call are the default set modules to call an xml file online and extract the data I need for articles. In the future, I can use the software to compile information for civil sites to inform people about on-goings, events, and news. Carrier should also be optimized to format information into HTML.

The completed changes so far allow for two scripts. One looks for data. Another looks for various elements, parses it, and prints it to terminal.

The next update is to look for a specific data within the elements.

This will be important as the main feature of Carrier is to analyze data for some simple features such as determining length of element, pushing element contents to HTML, etc.

I haven’t decided if this will be API or software. I’m thinking about creating heavy software as an API may not be used.

More to come later.

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