JLJ.pl Installer Works

Written on July 11, 2016

So I just made a new bash file to install the jlj client on your Debian computer. It can work on other UNIX-like operating systems that can use Bash scripting, but the jlj command may need to be configured on your own system.

You can go to https://github.com/srukle/jlj-installer for the installer. I’m working on a fork of jlj or a complete rewrite of the client to create the ability to go back and modify the text, improved security, and working client features (eliminating all bugs).

The current client jlj works, but it has a few bugs that need to be ironed out such as the paragraphing features. It’s also grossly outdated.

Later when the client is complete, I will release it to GitHub and give all you Dreamwidth users who want a powerful open-source client a way to post your journals on mulitple devices. I’m considering writing the new code in something crossplatform. Perl is my choice for now, but I may want to go with something a little more capable like haxe which may allow me more ability to develop – like adding a spellcheck capability, etc.

Another goal of mine is to add multiple features – such as backup, downloading of your entire archive, and posting to various mediums from one client. This would allow users to use the client for anything and more than journaling.

For now, expect a new perl client released this month and then plans for something better in the coming year.

(This was written from the jlj client).

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