Installing Mutt on Debian 8

Written on September 20, 2016

Believe it or not, I’m using a desktop with no graphic interface. The attempt is to create something that is workable, solid, and can keep me focused. Instead of watching YouTube videos, I write code instead.

This comes at some disadvantages. Like I don’t have any red line marking what I spelled incorrectly. This is only a problem because I also write a lot too (just can’t spell very well).

However, what I lose out on, I gain with a neat, clean working environment to study, work, and develop. What such feature that I really felt I needed was email. Email is a conventional way I keep in contact with the world around me. And lately I’ve been using email to talk to developers both on GitHub and in my freetime.

So the first question is – how do I check and send email on a terminal? Elementary my dear Watson, you must use the Google.

Because I don’t have a neat Google interface, I used a tool called Googler. It’s a neat tool that makes looking at Google much easier on a terminal interface. The application doesn’t by default seem to support lynx, yet I could copy and paste URLs from the results into my command prompt. I think I’ll make a little program that works ontop of it to simplify this (to create less manual work).

Configuring Mutt to Receive and Send Email

To get Mutt to work, you need to figure out what your need is.

Mine is simple. I need to connect to an IMAP on a particular port.

To do this, I write in my ~/.muttrc file.

set imap_user="[user-name]@[server]"
set imap_pass="[password]"
set spoolfile="imap(s)://[server]:[port]"
set folder="imap(s)://[server]:[port]"
set record="=INBOX.sent"
set postpone="=INBOX.Drafts"

Add the s for a secure connection. Make sure TSL is available. This should be the preferred method. Type the following into the file just because that’s what I learned. You can Google them to figure out exactly what they do if you’re interested.

set ssl_starttls=yes
set ssl_force_tls=yes
set imap_passive
set imap_check_subscribed
set mail_check=60
set timeout=10
set net_inc=5

Next you need to setup SMTP, only if you want to send emails.

set smtp_url="smtp(s)://[user-name]@[domain-of-server]@[server]:[port]"
set smtp_pass="[password]"
set from="[user-name]@[domain-of-server]"
set realname="[name]"

At this point, you should be done.

Go into mutt via your terminal.

Try using the new interface. And good luck.

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